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Common Complications With Dental Fillings

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After you have had your teeth filled, you will need to communicate with your dentist about what you experience. Sometimes, the filling will need to be reshaped or adjusted in some other manner. One of the most common signs that something has gone wrong is that your teeth hurt.

Pain When Biting Down

If you experience pain when you bite down after your anesthesia wears off, this could be because the filling is interfering with your bite. Fortunately, by having your filling reshaped, you can eliminate the pain that comes with biting down.


Sometimes, the filling will not bind properly with the tooth. This usually occurs when the tooth is not cleaned out properly. This can create a hollow cavity that can lead to a toothache. This is most common with fillings that are tooth-colored because these fillings are more difficult to perform than more traditional silver fillings. Fortunately, your dentist can correct this problem.

Pain When Your Teeth Touch

When your teeth touch together, you might experience pain. This usually occurs when you have two different types of metal that are colliding with each other. For example, you might have both silver and gold in your mouth from two different treatments. Fortunately, the pain that is associated with this goes away with time.

Gum Irritation

You might notice that adjacent gums become irritated. This is the result of the filling not being shaped or smoothed correctly. The filling might be larger than it should be and may come in contact with nearby teeth. The filling will need to be reshaped or smoothed so that it does not cause discomfort by coming in contact with the rest of your mouth.

Allergic Reactions

You might have an allergy to one of the fillings and experience an allergic reaction as a result. The common symptoms are itching and a rash. The good news is that this is a very rare allergy. However, if you suffer from it, your dentist can use a different material for your filling.

Improper Bites

The filling can make your tooth longer than it was before. This can cause you to have an incorrect bite. By biting down, the biting force is not distributed evenly across all of your teeth. The dentist will need to resize the filling so that your teeth come in perfect contact with each other.

Filling Deterioration

The act of biting down and grinding can cause your filling to wear away over time. To correct this, your dentist will need to have your filling replaced with a new filling.