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Possible Options For A Tooth With Repeated Cavities

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Cavities happen to the best of us, but when a single tooth experiences multiple cavities, it's time to start thinking about several different options. Here are the potential routes to take when you have a tooth that has gone through multiple fillings. 

Try One More Filling

Yes, you could potentially get another filling to fix the tooth for now. Hopefully, the next filling will be the last on that tooth for a while. But note that, with each additional filling, more of the tooth's structure is taken away. Eventually, you will need to consider a different solution if the tooth keeps having issues, so it may be wise to deal with the tooth now, once and for all. 

Get a Root Canal

Another, more permanent option may be to get a root canal. With this procedure, and endodontist will remove the tooth pulp and nerves and place a crown over the tooth. A crown is made of stronger material that resists decay, and since the nerves and pulp are removed, there is less chance of a repeated infection. 

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions are another great option to solve this problem. If the entire tooth is extracted, it removes the possibility of having a third (or more) cavity on the same tooth. Infected material will be completely removed from your mouth. After a tooth extraction, you could leave the empty tooth cavity as is. Or you could have a procedure done to fill the space. Partial dentures and dental implants are two common solutions after a tooth extraction.

Finally, whichever method you choose, you may also want to speak with your dentist about the causes of multiple cavities on a single tooth. It may be that the tooth had some sort of flaw in its enamel and there was nothing you could do to protect it. Your past filling may not have been sealed correctly, leaving the tooth vulnerable to decay. Or it may be that you are repeatedly missing that area of your mouth when you brush. A dentist can help you troubleshoot all of these possibilities. They may examine the tooth's filling before removing it. They can also give you dental dye pills that show which spots you're missing when you brush your teeth. It's worth taking the time to find out which problem is causing this issue so that you can protect the rest of your teeth from experiencing the same fate. 

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