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3 Important Things To Consider When Getting Dental Implants

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Having teeth missing in your mouth is never something ideal to experience. It hinders your ability to feel confident when smiling, but you can solve this problem by getting dental implants. When getting implants, these things are important to consider.

What are the Benefits?

Before getting dental implants, it's important to know the benefits. That way, you can access if dental implants are really worth the price. First, dental implants give you a complete smile again. You no longer have to worry about having a gap between your teeth.

Also, dental implants look exactly like real teeth, even in terms of the color. This is because cosmetic dentists polish the implants so that they match the sheen of the rest of the teeth in your mouth. Dental implants also improve your speech and ability to chew when eating. They give your face proper positioning, so your jawline doesn't sag down.

What Does the Procedure Involve?

Getting dental implants is a lengthy procedure, so if you want them for a special occasion, you need to plan ahead. Typically, it takes around 5-8 months to complete the procedure.

First, a cosmetic dentist secures an implant into your gums. After the gums have fully healed around the implant, an abutment is placed on the implant. The gums then heal around the abutment, and then a prosthetic tooth is finally installed. After the implants have been placed in your mouth, you will have to go back to the dentist to make sure your gums have healed correctly.

How Do You Maintain Dental Implants?

After getting your implants installed, you are going to have to properly take care of them. Otherwise, they can turn yellow, costing you more money in the end. Just like with regular teeth, you need to floss and brush your implants regularly. It's a good idea to use interproximal brushes. These small brushes are designed to clean between the teeth and your implants, particularly those hard-to-reach areas. 

When using toothpaste, making sure it doesn't have overly abrasive ingredients. Otherwise, it will break down your implants, and you will have to get them replaced. You also need to schedule visits regularly with a cosmetic dentist to make sure your implants are holding up. 

If you have missing teeth in your mouth, you can get dental implants. These look exactly like real teeth. If you are going to get these implants, the things above are important to consider.