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Root Canal Facts And Myths

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Root canals definitely do not have the best reputation among dental patients. They are known for being incredibly painful, and many see them as an absolute last resort. However, before you say no to a root canal or start looking for alternative treatment options, make sure that you can differentiate root canal facts from root canal myths. Keep reading to learn about what is true and what is false when it comes to root canals. You might be surprised.

Root Canals Treat Pain

While it is true that after receiving a root canal, you will probably feel some pain and tenderness, it is a myth that root canal treatment itself is painful. In reality, most people visit their dentists and end up being the recipients of root canals because they are already in significant pain. One survey even shows that patients who have actually experienced root canal treatment are six times more likely to describe it as painless than those who have not. After receiving root canal treatment, the pain that you were in before will go away, and you will feel much better than if you hadn't received treatment. 

It's Best to Save the Natural Tooth

Some argue that it is better to have the damaged tooth pulled rather than receiving root canal therapy. While tooth extraction is an option when the tooth is significantly damaged, it is better for your overall health to save the natural tooth with a root canal. It is true that you can replace extracted teeth with bridges and implants, but they will never function as well as your natural teeth. You will chew more efficiently and have a more natural looking smile if you save your natural teeth.

Root Canal is a Safe Procedure

It has been argued that root canals can cause serious illnesses such as heart disease and kidney disease. However, there is no valid scientific evidence to support this claim. The root canal procedure is safe and effective and is performed with the intent of removing bacteria from the root canal and preventing reinfection of the natural tooth. Tooth extraction, the go-to alternative to root canal therapy, actually can cause a larger amount of bacteria to enter the bloodstream, making it a potentially more risky procedure. 

Don't let yourself be fooled by common myths about root canal therapy. While recovery is not entirely painless, the pain you are experiencing while considering root canal therapy is likely much worse. Consider the facts above before you decide against the procedure, and start smiling brighter soon. For more information, contact a dentist in your area.