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Eating Your Way To A Healthier Mouth

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Most people know that drinking a glass of milk can be a great way to make your teeth and bones strong, but few people take the time to realize that diet can have a significant impact on dental health. If you are prone to dental problems like weak enamel or cavities, you might want to consider lowering your risk level by eating your way to a healthier mouth.

Here are three surprising foods that can have a positive impact on your dental health in the future.

1. Carrots

Many people associate eating carrots with good eyesight, but these orange vegetables can provide many benefits when it comes to dental health as well. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A.

Vitamin A is an essential component in maintaining healthy mucous membranes and a strong salivary flow in your mouth. Without enough saliva, the bacteria that cause cavities can build up on the surface of your teeth. Adding some raw carrots to the end of any meal will help you create the salivary flow needed to minimize your risk of cavities in the future.

2. Salmon

Adding more salmon to your diet could be a great way to improve your dental health. Salmon is rich in vitamin D, which plays an important role in helping keep your teeth strong and healthy.

Vitamin D helps your body better absorb the calcium and phosphate found in the foods you eat each day. Calcium and phosphate contribute to the strength of the enamel covering your teeth. Weak enamel can make you more susceptible to cavities, so ingesting more vitamin D in the form of delicious salmon can help you strengthen your teeth naturally.

3. Celery

More than just the quintessential dieter's staple, celery can be a critical component when it comes to creating a diet designed to boost your dental health. Celery acts like a toothbrush, with those pesky strings helping to clear food particles that can attract cavity-causing bacteria from the surface of your teeth.

Celery is also rich in vitamin C, which helps your gums resist absorption of the bad bacteria found in your mouth. Adding celery to your diet can be a great way to improve your dental health in the future.

Carrots, salmon, and celery will help you get the vitamins that you need to maintain good dental health. Be sure to keep these foods in mind as you design a diet that will help you eat your way to better oral health. Visit to learn more.