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Clear Teeth Alignment Systems: Are You A Good Candidate?

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If you are planning on going through a teeth straightening treatment, there are several options you may want to consider other than traditional braces. Another growing treatment option includes clear alignment systems. While these systems seem very attractive, you will first have to be declared a good candidate. The following are some things your orthodontist will take into consideration:

Presences of All Molars

In order to get clear teeth straighteners, you will need to have all of your second molars through the gum line. If you get your aligners fitted before your molars have come in, it could affect how it fits your teeth. Not waiting on your molars can also cause your teeth to shift after you have gone through your straightening treatment. This will result in crooked or misshapen teeth once again, which will ultimately be a major waste of time and money.

Substantial Orthodontic Work

If your doctor decides that you are going to need major orthodontic work in order to properly straighten your teeth, you are likely going to be advised to have traditional braces instead of a clear alignment system. If you are going to need any major bridgework, crowns, or have an issue with your bite, the aligners are not going to fix all of these issues. Braces can be much more effective when you need additional orthodontic work.

Cost as a Factor

Clear teeth alignment treatments are significantly more expensive than regular metal braces. Keep in mind, however, that all dental practices are different. You will need to discuss exact costs with your practice to see if any discounts or financing plans are available. In general, the aligners are more expensive due to the additional costs that come with making the trays for the teeth. Laboratory expenses incurred to making the aligners can be substantial. Consider whether you are willing to spend the extra money on a clear alignment system when making your decision.

Getting your teeth straightened is an investment, but it can be a great way to improve your oral health and boost self-esteem. Clear alignment systems can be a convenient way to go as long as you are an ideal candidate. Before you count on getting aligners, however, be sure you are fully aware of all the risks, costs, and time commitments that are required with these systems. If you are still undecided, be sure to make an appointment with your orthodontist to talk about your options.