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Choosing The Best Mouth Guard To Prevent Sports Injuries In The Mouth

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It is not uncommon to turn the television to your favorite sporting game and see one or more players wearing a mouth guard. These days, even professional athletes understand the importance of protecting their teeth when playing sports. According to statistics, sports injuries are the main cause of tooth and mouth injuries accounting for 40% of adult and adolescent mouth injuries. While some athletes choose to wear face cages to protect their mouth, it can affect how they play. This is why mouth guards are so effective at protecting the teeth without affecting the player. If you do choose a mouth guard, you need to understand the difference between dental fitted guards, mouth-formed guards, and ready-made guards. 

Dentist Fitted Mouth Guards

One of the best types of mouth guards for athletes is the dental fitted mouth guard. This is created by a dentist after taking an impression of the athlete's teeth. The dentist then creates the mouth guard to custom fit the teeth. One of the advantages for teens and children having a custom mouth guard is that it accommodates growing teeth and jaws so that there is plenty of space and it does not affect incoming adult teeth. A custom mouth guard should run you about $100 to $200, but it can save you even more in dental costs if you get hit in the mouth during play. 

Boil and Bite Mouth Guards

These types of mouth guards are also known as mouth-formed mouth guards. They are one of the most popular types of mouth guards and can usually be found at the local sporting goods store. These are created by boiling them in hot water so they get soft. Then the athlete places it into their mouth and bites down on it so that it leaves an impression. The result is now a mouth guard that is formed to the athlete's teeth. You can usually find these for around $40 if bought individually

Ready-Made Mouth Guards

Another popular type of mouth guard is the ready-made version. These too can be found in most sporting good stores. These offer the least amount of protection for athletes when playing sports, but it does offer some, making them a better option than not wearing one at all. This type of mouth guard can be found in several sizes in order for the athlete to find the right fit. Because it will be a standard fit, it will not fit as securely as one of the other two options. It can also make it harder to breathe and will likely need replacing often due to its low quality. 

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