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3 Non-Routine Reasons To Visit The Dentist

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You are obviously going to visit the dentist regularly for dental checkups, as well as for dental work that you find out you need done at your check-ups, such as fillings. However, there are also other situations that may require you to go to the dentist. Sometimes these are for emergency visits, and other times these are simply for things that you need to have taken care of that only a dentist can help you with. This article will discuss 3 non-routine reasons to visit the dentist. 

You Have Swelling And Lumps In Your Mouth 

If you notice that you have any swelling or lumps in your mouth, you will want to go into the dentist as soon as possible. These lumps may be a sign of oral cancer, and the sooner that you have them checked out, the better off you are going to be. Your dentist will be able to give you an oral exam, and will let you know if the lumps need to be tested to see if they are in fact cancerous. 

You Become Pregnant 

If you become pregnant, it is going to be a good idea for you to visit a dentist. Some dental problems can negatively effect your unborn child, so making sure that you have no issues with your teeth from the beginning of your pregnancy is going to be a good idea. You will want to make sure you tell your dentist that you are pregnant both when you schedule the appointment, as well as when you arrive at your appointment, so that he will not use any equipment or do anything that could harm your baby, such as taking x-rays of your mouth or giving you laughing gas to help you feel more calm. However, even without doing these things, they are still going to be able to do a full examination of your teeth and gums to make sure that they are healthy and that nothing needs to be fixed in order to ensure that your dental health isn't a problem during pregnancy. 

You Chip Or Break A Tooth

If you happen to chip or completely break one of your teeth, then you are going to want to get into the dentist right away. Depending on the damage and the pain level that you feel, you may want to go into an emergency dentist. They will be able to give you medication to reduce the level of pain that you feel, and can work on rebuilding your tooth. This will likely be done using a porcelain veneer to rebuild your tooth to make it look much like it did before. Visit to learn more.