Advice for Young Denture Wearers

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Denture Myths New Patients Often Assume Are True

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When a person loses many of their teeth, they may find that dentures can be the quickest, most affordable, and painless option for correcting their smiles. However, being misinformed about the benefits of dentures can lead to unrealistic or unnecessarily negative expectation from this option.

Myth: It Is Never Safe To Sleep In Your Dentures

For most types of dentures, it is ill-advised for individuals to attempt to sleep in them. This can be damaging to the dentures and the patient's gums. However, there are dentures that are designed to allow patients to wear them on a near permanent basis. If this is the type of dentures that you want to wear, you will need to let your dental professional know so that they will be able to fine-tune the denture recommendations that they make to you.

Myth: Dentures Will Always Cause Painful Sores And Other Problems

Individuals that are considering dentures might assume that these devices will always lead to painful sores in the mouth. However, this should not be the case for individuals that are wearing properly fitted dentures. In situations where you are noticing regular sores or other issues, this can indicate that your dentures are needing to be adjusted. Denture creams and adhesives can increase a person's risk of developing these sores as the creams can be fairly harsh on the sensitive gum tissue, and you may want to avoid using adhesives and denture creams.

Myth: Dentures Will Have An Noticeably Artificial Color

For those that opt for high-quality dentures, it will be exceedingly difficult for other individuals to notice that the teeth are artificial. This is largely due to the dentures being molded to closely resemble the shape and contours of natural teeth while also being a natural tooth color. In addition to being given a natural color, the dentures will also be highly resistant to discoloration

Myth: Dentures Are Exceedingly Difficult To Clean

Keeping the dentures clean will be one of the most important things that you can do for them. When dentures become extremely dirty, they may contribute to foul breath and tastes while also increasing the risk of developing gum problems. Luckily, the process of cleaning dentures is relatively simple and quick. You will want to remove them from your mouth and thoroughly brush them. Also, they will need to be rinsed so that any remaining food particles or other substances can be removed. Lastly, they should be placed in a denture sanitizing solution overnight to neutralize any bacteria that may be on them.

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