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Austism And Dentistry: What To Look For In Kids' Dentists

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A child who has special needs like autism may also need special care when it comes to going to the dentist. Even if your child is physically able to sit down in the dentist chair, you worry about other things, such as the strange sights, sounds, potential fright, and other things that your child with autism may fear. You know your child better than anyone, and you as a parent are concerned about the well-being of your offspring in all ways, especially when it comes to anything medical or dental.

You can and should consider a kids' dentist for your family, particularly for your child who has autism. Here are things to look for in a dental practitioner for your child with autism.

Specialty care

Many dentists specialize in pediatric dentistry and have even more special training for working with children who have special needs, including autism, sensory processing disorders, and other conditions. If you want to get the best dental care for your little one, you need to choose a dentist who understands their special needs and is willing to work with them. A kids' dentist with experience with children who have special needs is preferred as well.

Special accommodations

A kids' dentist will often work with children in a large room so many patients can be seen at once. While this is good for most parents who want to get their kids treated quickly and on the go, your goals as a parent are to have a quiet and safe place for your child with autism to get worked on. Special accommodations for your child are necessary to ensure your little one gets the quality care they need, such as access to a private room or after-hours dental care where your child can be seen when no other patients are present.

Other accommodations include special seating if your child has sensory sensitivities and special sedation practices if your child has a great fear of the dentist. You can work with your child's dentist as well as their therapist to help your child get the quality care they need to thrive while keeping their oral health in check.

Your child still needs their oral health cared for, even if they have a fear of the dentist or are uncomfortable having their mouth worked on. Your child will get the care they need while being able to feel confident and secure when you choose a dentist who can address their special autism needs as part of their dental care.

For more information, contact a kids' dentist.