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3 Things to Know if You Have Not Had Your Teeth Cleaned in a While

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Dental teeth-cleaning services are among the most popular services that dental clinics offer. These services are essential for your oral health, and dentists recommend them every six months. If you cannot remember the last time you had this done, you might wonder what it will be like. Here are three things to know if it has been a while since you had this completed.

It Might Hurt

A lot of people hesitate to get their teeth cleaned because of the pain they feel. If you wait too long to visit a dentist for cleanings, the pain might be worse. People feel pain for several reasons, but the main reason is enamel erosion. Enamel erosion occurs when your teeth lose the layer of enamel they naturally contain. This happens from cavities, plaque, and grinding your teeth. It can also occur in other ways. When you lose enamel, it exposes nerves in your teeth. The nerve exposure leads to sensitivity, and you might feel pain during cleanings as a result. You can talk to your dentist if you have concerns about this issue.

It Might Take Some Time

The second thing to realize is that one vital step in the teeth-cleaning process is the removal of the plaque. Removing the plaque is easier when you visit a dentist every six months, as there is not as much plaque present. When you wait for years to visit a dentist, you will probably have more plaque on your teeth. As a result, it might take more time for the hygienist to remove the buildup from your teeth. If you want to shorten your cleaning visits, you should consider going every six months to have this completed.

You Might Need to Return

When you go in for a cleaning, the dental clinic will also take X-rays and examine your teeth. The goal is to determine if your teeth have issues that require dental work. If you have not visited a dentist recently, you might discover that you have some issues that need procedures. If this is the case, your dentist will tell you about these issues. They will also recommend coming back to the clinic to treat the problems. If you do not treat them, they will worsen.

Getting your teeth cleaned is something you should prioritize in life. If you would like to schedule an appointment, contact local dentists who offer teeth cleaning services.