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What Is A Denture Implant And Should You Have This Procedure?

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If you already wear dentures, then you know the struggles that can come with having a temporary set of teeth placed in your mouth. However, you also can understand the benefits you get from having dentures placed in your mouth.

If you don't have dentures yet but you want to know what your options are for a more permanent dental solution to tooth loss, then a dental implant procedure may be brought up by your dentist. You'll often be referred to a dental specialist or oral surgeon in order to have any type of denture implant procedure done.

Learn what a denture implant is and whether you should have this procedure done. Some dental insurance plans help cover the cost of the dental implants themselves or will help with the costs associated with the medical parts of this process, but not all costs may be covered. Speak to your dental insurance company as well as your dental professional to learn more.

What is a denture implant?

A denture implant is a semi-permanent dental fixture placed in the mouth to allow you to have a more natural set of teeth. A denture implant is placed in the mouth by having a dental implant screwed into your healthy jaw bone through the gums. The implant basically becomes your new tooth root where a porcelain tooth or a connected section of denture-style teeth can be placed securely on the implant.

Depending on how many teeth you need to have replaced and the condition of your gums and teeth overall, you may need to take antibiotics or have other dental work done prior to being fitted for a dental implant in either the top or bottom section of your mouth.

Should you have a denture implant procedure done?

Whether a denture implant procedure is right for you or not is based on many things. How well you are tolerating missing teeth or current dentures is one of the factors. If you are happy with dentures, then getting a denture implant procedure may not be necessary.

The health and viability of your gums and jaw bone should also be taken into consideration regarding getting dental implants. Your gums should be free of disease and your jaw bone should not be deteriorating in order for you to get a denture implant procedure done.

Your dentist will refer you to a dental specialist if you decide to have a denture implant procedure done. Once your mouth has fully healed, you can use your dentures like you would your natural teeth and feel confident with your teeth and smile overall.