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3 Reasons To Choose A Root Canal Over A Tooth Extraction

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For many people, it can be hard to imagine choosing to have a root canal. However, if you find yourself needing to choose between having a root canal or getting your tooth extracted, the better choice will often be a root canal. This is because root canals offer several benefits when compared to extraction. Below you can learn more about three reasons you should choose a root canal. 

Reason #1: Root Canals Help To Prevent The Bone Loss Often Associated With A Tooth Extraction

One of the main issues that many people overlook when having a tooth extracted is that this extraction can lead to a loss of bone density in their jawbone. This occurs as a result of the empty tooth socket naturally closing over time. While the bone loss associated with a single extraction may not be severe, this issue will become increasingly serious when multiple extractions are performed. Many people with significant bone loss as a result of extracted or missing teeth will notice facial changes. Choosing a root canal over an extraction helps to prevent this type of bone loss. This is because when you have a root canal, the structure of your natural tooth remains intact. This means that you will not be left with an empty socket that will close if an implant is not used to keep this socket open.

Reason #2: A Root Canal Will Help To Prevent Gaps In Your Teeth

Another issue that is commonly experienced after a tooth extraction is the development of gaps between the teeth. This happens because your teeth rely on each other to maintain their position. When even a single tooth is removed, the surrounding teeth will often begin to shift. This can result in some rather large gaps which can impact the way your smile looks and your ability to chew properly. With a root canal, your natural tooth will remain in place. As a result, you will not need to worry about your surrounding teeth shifting and causing gaps to form.

Reason #3: Root Canals Help To Preserve Your Bite Strength

A strong bite requires both a full upper and full lower arc or teeth. If you remove even one tooth without the use of a denture or implant to replace this tooth, your bite strength can be severely compromised. Even with the use of a replacement tooth, you may find that your bite strength is reduced. This is because tooth replacement options such as partial dentures or bridges rely on the gums and surrounding teeth to provide strength rather than drawing their strength from the jaw. With a root canal, your tooth will continue to get its strength from the jaw and will therefore allow you to preserve your natural bite strength.

To learn more about root canals, contact a dentist in your area.