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What To Look For When Switching Dentists

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If you are in the process of switching dentists, you may feel a bit overwhelmed with what you should be looking for. Here are some tips for things to look for when making the switch to a brand-new dentist.

What Insurance Do They Take?

Every dentist is going to be different when it comes to dental insurance that they take. That's why you want to verify that they take your current dental insurance. You can verify the information through your dental insurance provider's website, but the dentist may quickly answer this question if you give them a call.

What Kind of Payment Do They Take?

You may also have concerns about paying your dental appointment bill when your visit is over with. Figure out what kind of payment they accept, such as if you can send a check at a later date or if they require immediate payment. Some dental offices even take a credit card as well.

Who Performs the Cleaning and Inspection?

The bulk of your dental visit involves having your teeth cleaned, so find out who actually does the cleaning during the appointment. Some smaller dental offices do not have a dental hygienist, with the dentist themselves performing the cleaning and inspection. This gives you more time with the dentist who will get a close look at your teeth. Other dental offices have a separate hygienist, where your time with the dentist is limited to just the inspection after the cleaning is complete.

While either method is fine, be sure to ask if you have a personal preference. It's better to find this information out early rather than when you sit down in their dental chair.

What Are Their Hours?

You'll want a dentist that works well around your schedule. This may mean opening at 8 am so you can get an appointment in before work or being opened one day on the weekend where it is more convenient for you. Always check the hours, so you know you are not limited to appointment times that are not good for you.

In addition, check about emergency hours as well. If you do find yourself in a dental emergency with a broken tooth or a severe toothache, it's nice to know that your new dentist also offers emergency services so that you do not need to seek out another emergency dentist.

With this info in mind, you'll be sure to locate a great dental services near you.